About Us

Two brothers: one vision: To help entrepreneurs and artists have an image that represents them truly and that enables them to be known globally, while generating substantial income from their business and art. We call our approach Total Branding because we take care of everything media: Video, Photo, Web Design, Graphic Design, Translation, Promotion, etc. Our goal is to give you wings!

Two Brothers



Stephan Dastous first entered the world of image as a photographer. He had always felt a deep appreciation for beauty and nature, and the camera lens provided him a gateway to immerse himself in that fascination. That passion evolved into video and coaching, where Stephan enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level, taking the time to recognize their potential so that it can be magnified and revealed to the world. A philosophy that guides his art is the law of attraction, which states that our vision shapes our lives; positive energy attracts even more positive energy. He combines both his personal experience as a singer/songwriter and his talents in video, web design, and photography in order to help individuals share their vision and attract the energy that they deserve in their lives.

Philippe and Stephan have always been close, since a very young age, playing sports together and going on many adventures. When Philippe saw what Stephan was doing in photography and video, he became interested to do the same and approached his brother with the idea of joining forces. It was a natural choice, since as a film aficionado he has had an infatuation with every nuance in film since he can remember. His study of film techniques, coupled with a great eye for detail, gives him an innate talent in film montage. Due to his background as a drummer, Phil has a gift when it comes to synching videos to music and giving a rhythm to his montages, which in turn produces emotion for the viewer. According to many of his clients, working with Philippe is a great experience because of his meditative side, he makes everyone feel relaxed and at home when working with him. He likes to take care of people and help them express the best in them.

Philippe Dastous


The Magic of Two Brothers

How did you start Image Brothers?


Our story started with photography and music. These were the first artforms we used to express ourselves. Writing songs and taking pictures of beautiful things in the world was how I spent my days. I started with a 35mm camera and eventually Philippe joined me in that passion as we traveled to amazing places in the world like the Grand Canyon, New York, California and the Bahamas. With time we took that passion a step further by starting to film videos and eventually we got hired by MTV to film events everywhere in the country.


After that experience, we started producing our own films and documentaries and working with companies and artists to take their image to another level with video. We then expanded our horizons by adding web and graphic design services in order to cover all aspects of a company or an artist’s image. It is our passion!

What is it like to work with your brother?

As brothers I feel there is a special connection between us that makes us understand each other instantly. We have so much fun teasing each other and pushing one another to go beyond what we know. My brother is my inspiration. I know I can count on him for anything in life, so working with him is a blessing. STEPHAN

Do you have any personal projects you want to film in the future?

There are many dreams we want to achieve together, one of them is producing our own full length movie where we do everything, from filming to acting and composing the music. Most of all we want to continue to travel, film and take photos in the most beautiful places on the planet, discover new cultures and meet new people. STEPHAN

Can you talk about some of the most exciting projects you worked on?

Working on the Pass the Puck video clip was really exciting as we got to meet so many celebrities and hockey players and travel everywhere to promote it. Another amazing project was AURBEE, as we really worked from the ground up to build all the imagery for that company: photos, videos, the Aurbee logo and website, promotion, etc. We love to do that! PHILIPPE

Why did you call your company Image Brothers?

Since we started this company as brothers we really wanted a name that would represent us and our art. As our company expands, that name takes the significance of universal brothers when new people join us in our adventure. PHILIPPE

Our Team




An amazing designer, Issam takes care of many projects at Image Brothers, collaborating closely with Phillip and Stephan on web and graphic designs. He is the genius behind the Image Brothers website layout and many others. He also excels in designing logos, flyers, posters, business cards and animations. He loves challenges, he is hard working and believes that designs are important and can propel us forward in our businesses and art, so he strives to capture the essence of the projects he works on and develop their magic.



Web and Mobile Development

New to the Image Brothers family, Thomas is our in-house developer. Intrigued by solving programming challenges in projects and fueled by coffee, he helps build websites, mobile applications, and tackles any other technical obstacles he encounters. Master strategist, he brings his genius to all of our projects by creating unparalleled technical plans for your success. He has one of the greatest smiles, loves his work and is fun to be around. .




Animator, musician and producer, Daniel is outstanding at creating explainer videos, special effects and anything magical to spice up our video production. He is also a very sensitive musician and producer and collaborates with us on including the best possible background music to our videos and animations.Working with him has been a blessing because he makes every project fun and surprises us all the time with his extraordinary creativity.




Photographer extraordinaire, our sister Caroline has an amazing eye for every detail that brings out the beauty and emotion, both in the studio and outdoors. Her presence and interpersonal skills help those she works with to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. It is a pleasure to work with her and to offer you professional photographs that will remain forever etched in your memory.



Strategy and Video

An extraordinary artist, our sister Marie-Hélène offers you her incomparable qualities in coaching, strategy and creative video production. Her artistic vision is unique and makes an important part of our team. When working with our partners, she focuses on the inherent qualities of their business and their art and highlights them in the videos she produces as well as the strategy she sets up for promotional campaigns.



Film and Photo

A truly gifted filmmaker and photographer who speaks 4 languages, Sam not only has the eye for perfection but is a great guy to be around. His expertise ranges from creating the scenario to editing the final content. He is also incredibly helpful in guiding people to be comfortable in front of the camera and deliver their best performance.