Creative Marketing Strategy


At Image Brothers, our desire is to help you grow as a business, an entrepreneur or an artist. The world is changing. Anyone or any business can now easily reach people everywhere in the world and grow substantially in terms of revenue and customer reach. As opposed to the hard sell approach, people now expect a more human approach to publicity and business, one that makes people want to connect with each other and give to each other. Businesses, entrepreneurs and artists who have the most success are the ones who truly connect with their fan base and customers and strive to give them something real and help them out in their daily lives. As an example, a entrepreneur who started a blog and followed the rule of 7/10 and made sure 7 out of 10 blog posts were about giving free valuable information and only 3 blog posts out of 10 that promote his services and products, will have much more success than others because he will have cultivated his fan base by getting them interested in his message first, rather than just into buying something. That is one of the reasons why at Image Brothers, we value taking the time to implement a successful creative marketing strategy for your business or art, so you can get the following you have never had before and really interact with your customer in the most satisfying way possible. When that happens, success and abundance are inevitable.

Our Process Consists 3 Essential Phases

Coaching and Planning

Creating and Materializing

Developing and Sharing

Our Process for Successful Creative Marketing Strategies


At Image Brothers, the strategy phase is when we get busy with our team to study your competitors, find out anything that can make you stand out of the crowd and make a visual and successful creative marketing strategy with everyone in our team participating in the process.


After we have done our study and strategy work, we show you the results we have come up with and present our plan of action for successful art and business development that will bring you what you desire.

Gathering content

Once we have agreed on the strategy, our team starts gathering and creating all the necessary content for the project. For example, if we are making a new website for you, our photographers will take the pictures that will be used on the website and our writers will create all the text needed for the various pages, so that your art or business is presented in the most amazing way.

Making everything dynamic

At Image Brothers, we make sure the world gets to see your business or art in the most beautiful and dynamic way, by making your videos, photos, website and apps stand out and appeal to the user in a way he or she has never experienced before.

Connect you with the world

Once everything we have created for you is ready to launch, we implement promotional campaigns that enable you to generate interest in your niche and that let people connect with you, follow you and become devoted customers and fans.