Creative Marketing Strategy


At Image Brothers, our desire is to help you grow as a business, an entrepreneur or an artist. The world is changing. Any type of business can now easily reach people everywhere in the world and grow substantially in terms of revenue and customer reach. As opposed to the hard sell approach, people now expect a more human approach to publicity and business, one that makes people want to connect with each other and give to each other. Businesses, entrepreneurs and artists who have the most success are the ones who truly connect with their fan base and customers and strive to give them something real and help them out in their daily lives. As an example, entrepreneurs who started a blog, followed the 7/10 rule (give free content 7 times, promote 3 times), will have much more success than others because they will have cultivated their fan base. At Image Brothers, we value taking the time to implement a creative strategy for your business or art, so you can get a huge following of people and interact with them in a way that keeps them interested in you and what you have to offer. When that happens, success and abundance are inevitable.

Our Process Consists of 3 Essential Phases

Coaching and Planning

Creating and Materializing

Developing and Sharing

Our Process for Successful Creative Marketing Strategies


During this critical first step, the Image Brothers team researches your niche markets in order to find out what your competitors are doing and what could set you apart. We then plan the implementation of all branding tools we are going to use to get your brand to the next level. Finally, we layout the structure of the promotional campaign that will benefit your company and generate an increase in revenue.