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Two brothers, one vision: To help entrepreneurs and artists have an image that represents them truly and that enables them to be known globally, while generating substantial income from their business and art. We call our approach Total Branding because we take care of everything media: Video, Photo, Web Design, Graphic Design, Translation, Promotion, etc. Our goal is to give you wings!

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Two Brothers

Stephan Dastous first entered the world of image as a photographer. He had always felt a deep appreciation for beauty and nature, and the camera lens provided him a gateway to immerse himself in that fascination. That passion evolved into video and coaching, where Stephan enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level, taking the time to recognize their potential so that it can be magnified and revealed to the world.

A philosophy that guides his art is the law of attraction, which states that our vision shapes our lives; positive energy attracts even more positive energy. He combines both his personal experience as a singer/songwriter and his talents in video, web design, and photography in order to help individuals share their vision and attract the energy that they deserve in their lives.

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Philippe and Stephan have always been close, since a very young age, playing sports together and going on many adventures. When Philippe saw what Stephan was doing in photography and video, he became interested to do the same and approached his brother with the idea of joining forces. It was a natural choice, since as a film aficionado he has had an infatuation with every nuance in film since he can remember. His study of film techniques, coupled with a great eye for detail, gives him an innate talent in film montage. Due to his background as a drummer, Phil has a gift when it comes to synching videos to music and giving a rhythm to his montages, which in turn produces emotion for the viewer.

According to many of his clients, working with Philippe is a great experience because of his meditative side, he makes everyone feel relaxed and at home when working with him. He likes to take care of people and help them express the best in them.

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What We Do

Creative Strategy

At Image Brothers, our desire is to help you grow as a business, an entrepreneur or an artist. That is one of the reasons why we value taking the time to implement a creative strategy, so you can get the following you have never had before and really interact with your customer in the most satisfying way possible.  

Total Branding

Image Brothers is a one stop media solution for all business or art needs. We support you at every step of the branding process, from making a logo to creating your videos, photos, your website and mobile apps and even promoting you into the world.    

Everything in Media

We use the latest technologies and techniques to create the best quality media for products and services. From Visual Effects used in your videos to interactive Content Management Systems for your websites and mobile, apps, we design your media future.    


Our team of creatives has a lot to showcase. Here few are displayed for you.

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Our Video Reels

Blog Posts

Insolita Splash shooting

June 16, 2016
We had the chance to work in a beautiful theater in Montreal and be in the front row to see the immense…
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Passe la Puck @ Le Muzique in Montreal (teaser)

May 6, 2016
Pass the Puck / Club&Roll Party at Le Muzique in Montreal. PASS THE PUCK has the goal of amassing 2 million dollars…
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Video for Colo Jacob – Décrocher des médias sociaux

May 5, 2016
We had a great day with Colo Jacob filming one of his blog videos. Great young entrepreneur! Filmed and Edited by Imagebrothers.
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Évènement Passe la Puck au Windsor

May 5, 2016
Nous avons eu une superbe soirée a capturer un spectacle bénifice de body painting qui avait pour but de ramasser des dons…
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