About the Project






May 2015


Web Design, Graphic Design, Videography

Aurbee team approached us for a total branding package including web design,video, sound and logo design. Their goal was to promote their new product.We wanted to give them a solution that would be packed with visuals while still providing quick and necessary information right away.

Creating the Aurbee website

Aurbee team wanted a website to show and explain their new product visible and prominent. We built a responsive site that displays the information perfectly at every screen size while still maintaining site speed. Animations, custom photography, and video add a visually appealing style without slowing the site down for users on slower internet connections.

Creating the Aurbee logos

Aurbee team needed logos built for their website and videos introduction. We were happy to help! 

Making the animation presentation video of Aurbee

AurBee is the new evolution in the rapidly expanding world of Do it yourself (DIY) electronics.
In an industry strongly driven by Arduino (low-cost and simple micro-controller for creative people who might not be engineers), AurBee is stepping up the game by merging the simplicity of Arduino modules with the wide-reach and low-energy consumption of the ZigBee protocol (a system to allow users to quickly implement stable and reliable mesh networks). Priced in the same bracket as Arduino products, AurBee is affordable, user-friendly and tremendously versatile. Making it a front-row contender that is poised to make a lasting mark in the industry.