Boutique Émeraude






About the Project

Carole … During a difficult period of my life, my sister Ginette offered me a walk in the Laurentians towards St-Sauveur. We visited this beautiful spot in the mountains; A shop captured my attention deeply, the Quintessence boutique in St-Sauveur (a new age shop). Everything made me vibrate in this business; Odors, stones, books, music; I was amazed! On Monday on the way to work at the Royal Trust, I fell asleep on the bus, and when I woke up, a “clear message coming from within” and descended from the sky touched my heart … ” One day you’ll have a Shop like that! ” In the evening, I called Ginette and I told her what had happened to me and she said … “I always dreamed that we should do something together … Why not!

TWO YEARS LATER … New Age Shop The Emerald opened its doors, everything was placed, one idea at a time, one action at a time with the help of God; And this has always been the case for 23 years. Thanks to the life of Ginette and me in this beautiful project; To walk spiritually, and to share consciousness with all the inspired people to come and meet us.